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Virtual Reality

We offer 3D Virtual Backgrounds, designs and full VR production services for television and cinema productions

We are a professional Virtual Reality (VR) production studio in NYC

Experience virtual reality production like no other. Whether you’re making…

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Music videos

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Game shows

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Independent films

Jett Sets has all you need for your virtual productions. We offer a complete, state-of-the-art video production studio.

From authentic virtual set designs to photo-realistic 3D virtual backgrounds, we can provide all of your production needs. We will be there from day one and will continue to provide our services throughout your project.

Virtual Set
Design NYC

We have taken advantage of this virtual technology age and have video production solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and a creative solution for all our clients.

Our team of engineers and partners are constantly improving and innovating our offerings. This has often led to new techniques and innovations that we are able to pass on to our clients.

We are partners in design with these companies:

Jett Sets Virtual Set Design is available for purchase and rentals

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VR Studio
Production NYC

Our VR studio productions offer very high quality and photo realistic virtual sets and AR graphics. In addition, our system is built for complete flexibility to meet the needs of every client. We have an existing library of virtual sets to simplify the process and to save on design costs.

Our sets can easily be changed out and allow for tremendous flexibilities for set changes.

For over 5 years we have been producing high quality productions for our clients.

Our VR studio has…

Traditional productions can be very heavy on the budget but Jett Sets offers better solutions. We make it our mission to deliver high quality and innovative solutions to our clients within their budget range.


Our company has fully integrated our workflow to suit the needs of our clients in the television and film industry. This maximizes on the strengths of what VR production and design can bring to the table.

Architectural sets such as buildings, lofts, offices can be visualized in real time and with outstanding quality. Our advanced video production system makes it possible to change environments quickly.

Scene size doesn’t pose a problem. We also offer set extensions that utilize virtual reality for extending hard sets in a studio environment.

Jett Sets understands the foundations of the virtual technology and offers augmented reality for production purposes. We are also well versed in Uplink technology and tracked and track free systems.

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Virtual Reality Film Work

VR Film

Film productions can offer location and budget challenges. Particularly during these times. However, Jett Sets offers many alternatives for the cinema industry with the use of high quality 3D sets that could mimic indoor and outdoor scenes which offer tremendous time and cost savings.

More Than Just VR Video Production

Jett Sets offers multiple solutions for all of your projects needs. We make our clients our partners and offer ongoing support and services to them. We offer consultation, training, implementation, installation and various other services.

VR virtual sets

No Limits

The use of VR virtual sets is limitless. It’s as far reaching as your imagination. No need to spend thousands on building, maintaining and repairing sets. You can save yourself from logistical constraints.

Call us and see how you can save time, money and resources by using our VR studio and production services.

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Virtual Reality for production first came to life about 25 years ago. There were many challenges in those days because of slower computers, graphic cards and various other challenges that designers had to work with in order to make realistic looking virtual sets. Often this was because of the technical restrictions and head room of […] Virtual Reality for production first came to life about 25 years ago. There were many challenges in those days because of slower computers, graphic cards and various other challenges that designers had to work with in order to make realistic looking virtual sets. Often this was because of the technical restrictions and head room of the render engines and typical graphic cards of the time. Two and a half decades later it’s a very different playing field. Gaming engines have taken a major role in making virtual reality production worth while. These render engines can render photo realistic sets through the use of volumetric and dynamic lighting, 4k textures, high tech shading algorithms. Graphic cards from companies such as Nvidia now offer incredibly fast cards that allow 4k real time compositing plus the additional shading, lighting techniques for incredible realism. For those producers and companies thinking about virtual production for the first time one should consider this as a perfect time to begin working with virtual reality. Some companies and production houses such as Jett Sets have entered their 10th year in VR production and have entered new high tech territory. This includes 4k, multi-camera VR production and live streaming for their clients. Dynamic and photo realistic sets allow a producer to create a scene that would otherwise blow a budget if it required a traditional hard set or an enormous studio to build it out. There are also time constraints attached to building out large sets. Virtual sets also allow complete environments with individual rooms, ceiling, outdoor spaces etc. The green screens don’t have to be huge for these large virtual environments and the unimaginable is now possible through VR production. These virtual sets don’t need maintenance, can be changed with ease, need no storage, build or breakdown. There can also be built at a fraction of the cost of a hard, traditional set. This also allows the user to integrate with real foreground or BG practical set pieces. Jett Sets has been designing, building and operating in the virtual production space for over 10 years now. As a result of the success with VR production, many clients who have been working with VR are making this a standard practice for their ongoing productions.