We have had many experiences working on fundraisers. Typically these clients require a larger and grand looking virtual set that offers multiple camera positions and a variety of different backgrounds behind the client. Often a talent will do an opening walk within the set which will also require a larger scene in order for the talent to walk through it.

Typically we will discuss lighting, a general mood required which can take on a daytime look or and evening feel. It’s important to get a sense from the client of the mode and tone they are looking to capture with a virtual set. This will make things flow better as the project develops. Virtual and actual studio lights will reflect this mood through the use of textures, furniture and props that will also play into the feel of the scene. Multiple meetings and camera tests will help to work through this process leading up to the day of the shoot..

Often these virtual productions are a type of wrap around show where a presenter refers to videos which will highlight the purpose of the fundraising event with interviews of those involved in the process. Therefore we will typically add multiple virtual monitors for graphics, videos and more that talent will work with.